GAMES2PEOPLE Burlap potato race sacks (bags). Bio-degradable, strong jute yarn, develop motor skills, coordination: just for fun sack racings in school, camps, for décor, for keeping products. 4 Bags — 23″ x 40″

Sticking your right leg into a Gunny Sack and your uncle stuck his left leg in the same sack and together you feverishly raced towards the finish line at the family reunion! Great activity that’s fun for team building relay races and field day events for students, schools, camps or church outings! If you are looking for sturdy durable bags for a sack race for kids or adults, these Games2people’s bags will work! You will not have to throw them out after use. Brand Name: GAMES2PEOPLE


apx. 23″ x 40″ New Plain Burlap Bag (59 x 101 cm)
density of material: 350 g / sq m
Absorbs moisture, oil and grease while allowing airflow
Games2people bags 100% premium natural jute burlap
Great for storing / shipping items or potato sack races!
Super-easy to set up
Tremendous all-body workout
Great for schools, camps and church outings
Develop balance, motor skills, strength and stamina
Order includes 4 burlap sack