5 Pairs Stainless Steel Chopsticks Beautiful Gift Set Assorted (10 Chop Sticks)

Enjoy rice, sushi and all your favorite traditional Chinese, Japanese, and other Asian cuisines with your personal set of chopsticks!

GAMES2PEOPLE chopsticks are sleek, practical, and constructed. Has incredible resistance to corrosion so you will never have to buy another pair of chopsticks again! Say goodbye to plastic or chemically-treated wooden chopsticks that end up cracking and hosting bacteria. GAMES2PEOPLE chopsticks are sure to help you put down the fork and spoon!


Classic Stainless steel Chopsticks
Ideal Gift Set
Ethnic Kitchen Tools
Manufacturer GAMES2PEOPLE
Colors and Design Assortment may vary in each pack
These are 9 inches long and hollow stainless steel Chopsticks
These are dishwasher safe
UPC 797648972652